Encounter has partnered with Life Pacific College (LPC) in Southern California, which is a regionally accredited college that has served the Foursquare family and the Body of Christ for over eighty years.

The agreement between Life Pacific College and Encounter (an ELN program) entitles students of our program to earn as many as 31 units while at Encounter.  This special scholarship provides for up to 24 units of online cohort classes through the LPC School of Distance learning and is intended to help students successfully work toward their completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree with LPC while also earning up to 7 units from ministry experience. Questions regarding Life Pacific College and the articulation Agreement should be directed to the LPC Office of Academic Affairs: (909) 599-5433.  Information regarding LPC may also be gained from their website: www.lifepacific.edu.


Encounter prepares students for ministerial licensing within the Foursquare denomination, graduating from a school of Discipleship does not necessarily qualify a student for licensing.  Licensing within the Foursquare denomination is facilitated by district offices.

Students enrolled in Encounter have the option of taking up to two fully accredited online classes through Life Pacific College each semester.  These courses are taught through online cohorts and by online professors (A personal laptop is needed for this). During the week, students will spend a large portion of their time working on class work.  Students should also expect to be disciplined in additional study time and homework outside of their daily schedule.  A complete course list is available below.

Each accredited class below is optional for the Encounter student.  Once the Life Pacific College application has been filled out, and the $200 paid, students can choose from the following classes:

YEAR 1 Fall Courses available:

GM118 FAITH FOR LIFE (3 UNITS) This course is still being developed and does not yet have a description.

Bi113 INTRO TO BIBLICAL LITERATURE (3 UNITS)  An overview of the Old and New Testaments upon which a solid understanding of God’s Word can be built. Emphasis is given to the unfolding story of God’s plan of salvation for mankind as the relationship of people, events, and locations are studied in their biblical and historical context.

YEAR 1 Spring Courses available:

EV110 MULTICULTURAL EVANGELISM (3 UNITS) A study of the practical basis for evangelism as a lifestyle for the believer in various environments. The principles and perspectives learned will enable the student to communicate the central tenets of the Gospel, contextualize the message to meet varied contexts, and guide the student in establishing relationships with the unconverted. The biblical basis for worldwide evangelism, its historical development and current status are studied along with an analysis of contemporary religions.

BI101 PENTATEUCH (3 UNITS) A study of the first five books of the Old Testament. This course focuses on the Pentateuch’s literary and structural nature, its historical and cultural settings, and its content and theology. Special attention is given to understanding the God of Israel, creation, humanity, Israel, salvation, covenant, and law. The course will also examine the various theories of the Pentateuch’s origin and development.

YEAR 2 Fall Courses available:

EV210 SPIRITUAL GIFTS AND EVANGELISM (3 UNITS)  A practical course in which the student is encouraged to participate in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, to understand the purpose of each spiritual gift, and operate in his/her “gifting.” The effective working of the gifts will be examined from the individual to the assembled church. Personal involvement in ministry will be encouraged both within and beyond the classroom setting with a view toward the development of ongoing ministry wherein God confirms His Word with signs and wonders.

SO131 CULTURES OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS (3 UNITS) This course analyzes the cultures of the Ancient Near East from c. 3000 BC up to and including the Greco-Roman period. Included in the course is a study of the social structure, religion, philosophy, art, economics, law, and politics of the various cultures. Special attention is given to the integration of this cultural understanding with the biblical text.

YEAR 2 Spring Courses available:

BI216 SYNOPTIC GOSPELS (3 UNITS) An expository and historical study of the life of Christ as revealed in the first three Gospels. Jesus’ life and teaching are analyzed and studied against the backdrop of the contemporary human situation in which He lived.

SO230 MARRIAGE AND FAMILY (3 UNITS) A study of the biblical principles of family life with emphasis on the role of husband/wife and parent/child relationships. Students will review their own families of origin in an attempt to learn what it takes to develop a healthy family in today’s society. Analysis of marital relationships and the variables influencing communication, human intimacy and interpersonal dysfunction will be explored. Emphasis is on strategies for strengthening the healthy marriage and stabilizing the family unit.

Life Pacific College Application for studying online

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