Here is a list of commonly asked questions about the program:

When does the next semester begin?

Our Spring semester begins January 13, 2018.  We are accepting applications now.

How long is the program?

Encounter School of Discipleship covers one to two years.  The Fall semester begins late August through Mid-December.  The Spring semester begins late January through Mid-May.

How much does the program cost?

Tuition price is $6,900 for one year.  This covers room and board (8 meals are prepared by a cook each week – Tuesday through Friday), all course materials including text books, all retreat/camp costs and conferences.  Please visit our Student Handbook, page 20, for a breakdown in the financial requirements.

Where do I do my laundry?

Students have access to laundry facilities in the dorm.  Cost is $1 per load.  Students will need to provide their own detergent.

Will I get to see my family during the internship?

To encourage and enhance friendships with other students we ask that you limit your time at home.  Special events such as weddings and birthday’s need to be communicated well in advance.  Students are allowed to visit their family on their days off with the following guidelines:  1) The visit is only for a lunch or a dinner or an activity; 2) Students going home are not playing video games or watching TV/ movies. This will help each student not get tempted in the area’s they are seeking healing in or in the areas they are setting apart in order to grow closer to Christ.

Can I date while in the program?

Encounter students will abstain from all romantic relationships. Romantic relationships, while not necessarily negative, often demand much personal and group attention. By “fasting” from these relationships, it allows students to focus their attention more fully on the Lord. It also allows for close, unhindered friendships to be established by all members of the Encounter community.

Am I allowed to have my car while in the program?

We encourage all students to have their own transportation and auto insurance during their time in Encounter, specifically if you are needing to get to a part-time job.  Encounter provides transportation to and from North and South Campus only. 

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