Encounter is located in the foothills of the southern California mountains off Route 66, which makes it only 45 minutes up to the snow capped mountains in the winter, 45 minutes down to the famous beaches of Orange County, and 25 minutes to Disneyland. But as fun and beautiful as it is, we are strategically placed in a lower socio-economic area that is in desperate need of finding the freedom and saving power of Jesus Christ.  This gives us the unique ability to train up students in the things of God and then release them to serve within the community.

Encounter students live in dorms at our South Campus, only 5 miles south of Newlife Community Church.  South Campus is located at:

480 W Monterey Ave, Pomona, CA 91768

Encounter is located within a local church, Newlife Community Church, a Foursquare Church, www.newlifepomona.com. Newlife Church campus is also called North Campus.  This is where the Prayer room is and where all the Encounter classes take place.  North Campus is located at:

275 E Foothill Blovd, Pomona, CA 91767

Los Angeles is the 2nd largest metropolitan city in the United States, 13th largest in the world.  Even though the Hollywood movies and the advertised culture of LA shows the glamorous lifestyle of the movie stars and prestigious, what does not make it on-air is that LA is actually home to many low-skill immigrants, many who are undocumented, and many poor, hopeless people who are living on the economic margins of society. 

Pomona is an east LA suburb that represents this hidden culture of people that are trying to survive and make ends meet, and also those who have surrendered to the addictions on the street, loosing all direction and hope for change.  This is where Encounter comes in.  Through the homeless feeding ministries, the outreaches, loving the people walking along the street, we are showing Pomona His love and that He has a prosperous plan for their life – there is hope.

Men’s Dorm Rooms
Main living area

Women’s Dorm Rooms
Main living area