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Prophetic training
Spirit filled life
Gifts of the Spirit


Identity finding
Relational health
Conflict management
Emotional maturity


Resume building
Finance management
Leadership skills
Communication skills

Intimacy through the Word of God and Prayer – Each day, students begin with seeking the heart of God in the Prayer Room.  This time is spent praying, worshipping, journaling, and developing a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

Through scripture, students discover the depths of knowing God with a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him (Eph 1:17).

Scripture teaches that daily prayer is deeply connected to the fullness of God’s power and purpose being released (Lk. 18:7–8; Isa. 62:6–7). We know that Jesus is worthy of our worship.   We contend for justice and for the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest, so we can bring transformation to southern California and the whole world.

Prayer is the heart of God – the first thing Jesus taught His disciples, and yet having intimacy with God through prayer is one of the rare things that people take time to do.

(Emotional Health) – No matter how good or how painful of a past you have, we all have areas of our lives that the Father needs to heal, change, and make whole.  Our ability to allow Him to touch these areas of our lives directly affects the way we perceive God, others and ourselves.

What is unique about Encounter is that at the end of the year, you don’t walk out with just theology or biblical training, you walk out with emotional healing.  We cannot fulfill all that we are called to be when we have low self-esteem, unforgiveness, or walls of hurt from our past.

Through our Discipleship Courses at Encounter, students will prayerfully work through deep emotional health subjects such as identity, forgiveness, and family relationships to create a healthier you, building you up to be all Christ has called you to be.

God is raising kingdom minded workers. Scripture says, ‘whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men’ (Col 3:23). We draw on biblical examples such as Daniel, David and Joseph to illustrate that God has ordained work, and that when we work with character and diligence, we become a light, the greatest witness to the world.  

Students are equipped with practical life skills that are pivotal in business, ministry and family. We encourage students to pursue the Lord to reveal their destiny for them (Jer 29:11). We give students business tools on how to set a plan with goals to achieve a specific purpose.

Through Discipleship and Service, at the end of Encounter, students will:

  • Develop a solid devotional life
  • Learn how to sit and seek the Presence of God
  • Deepen one’s understanding of the Word of God
  • Address personal life-issues that could inhibit his or her life or ministry
  • Develop disciplines in both personal and public areas of life
  • Develop a passion for excellence in all areas of life and ministry
  • Participate in hands-on ministry in the community
  • Grow in one’s understanding of sacrificial leadership
  • Demonstrate an ability to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Gain confidence in God’s unique call on one’s life